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Expertemc Relaibility Consulting. MTBF estimations


MTBF MTTF Estimation

MTBF is the acronym for Mean Time Between Failure. This reliability prediction method  is used to provide the amount of failures per million hours for a repairable product or system.  MTBF and MTTF are measures of the device’s failures as a function of time.

MTBF Prediction. Expertemc


Reliability Consulting

Expertemc offers a fast, cost-effective reliability engineering consulting service to help your company achieve the goal of a reliable product.

Performing a reliability analysis early in the design results in a high quality system.

Reliability consulting. Expertemc


Life-cycleTest Plan

Reliability tests plan is used to evaluate and predict the reliability and durability of a product using accelerated stress conditions for each life-cycle phase.

Expertemc develops life-cycle test programs to meet specific objectives.

Reliability Test Plan. Expertemc

Expertemc is an engineering firm that specializes in providing Reliability MTBF MTTF Consulting estimation services. Our team of experts are highly experienced and knowledgeable in this field.
We provide customized, comprehensive solutions to ensure the highest levels of reliability and safety.

For a Reliability MTBF MTTF Consulting, contact us at

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