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About Expertemc


Expertemc is an engineering consulting business dedicated to reliability MTBF MTTF estimation services for electrical and electronic products.

With more than 23 years of experience, Expertemc helps companies achieve MTBF MTTF estimation.

Customer-centric service

Most companies do not have a reliability MTBF MTTF estimation team to predict time-related product failures.

Moreover, many electronic products fail during life cycle testing the first or second time. This results in additional costs for the company and a delay in the marketing of products. 

We help designers support projects from the beginning by providing them with the know-how and expertise in reliability prediction. Selecting the component quality and predicting its potential failures, Expertemc offers a reliable solution for high-quality products. 


Achieving the reliability MTBF MTTF objective is to deliver a high-quality and safe product.

4998 ch. Du Souvenir,

Laval, Québec, Canada, H7W 4L&

Tel.: 1 438-898-7005 


Expertemc Reliability Prediction
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