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Expertemc accepts its responsibilities in environmental values. Good management must be an integral and fundamental part of our business. Although we believe that we have a minimal impact on the environment, we aim to continue to improve its environmental performance by:


  • Comply with the requirements of all environmental legislation.

  • Assess the environmental effects of all business operations.

  • Raise awareness, encourage participation, and train employees.

  • Expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors.

  • Actively promoting recycling internally to our staff and externally to our customers and suppliers. 

  • Preserve natural resources through increased energy efficiency and better water management.

  • Control waste and avoid the use of hazardous substances.

  • To enforce the use of recycled materials, where appropriate.

  • To prevent and reduce pollution by implementing efficient control procedures to monitor and manage materials and processes that impact the environment.

  • To improve the environmental implementation.

  • To monitor progress and review performance annually.

Delivering our operational plans within this policy will enable Expertemc to develop sustainable practices and contributions to the quality of our environment.


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4998 Ch. Du Souvenir, Laval,
Quebec, H7W 4L7, Canada
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Expertemc. Environmetal Policy
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