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Updated: Mar 3

EC 62275:2022 International Standard

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has recently published a new edition of its standard IEC 62275, Cable management systems – Cable ties for electrical installations.

This document specifies requirements for metallic, non-metallic, and composite cable ties and their associated fixing devices for securing the wiring systems in electrical installations.

This document does not contain requirements that evaluate any electrical insulation properties of the cable tie or mechanical protection of the cables provided by the cable tie.

Compared with the previous edition (2018), the new standard includes the following changes:

  • scope clarification and new definitions

  • possibility to carry out tensile strength tests with dead weights

  • differentiation of rubber and acrylic adhesive fixings

  • clarification of mechanical testing and testing of resistance to UV light for integral devices

  • revised classification for metallic cable ties

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