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Reliability in the automotive electronic devices

Electronic devices in the autonomous vehicles
Autonomous vehicles

Automotive electronics technology, based on cameras, sensors, radars, and LIDAR components, allows automakers to develop systems for autonomous vehicles.

Automotive electronics face environmental stress conditions such as temperature changes, humidity variations, and random vibrations.

When installed in vehicles, all these devices require a specific function to minimize defects, improve the device life cycle, and allow companies to provide a reliable and safe system to the market.

Reliability in the automotive electronic devices

To create a reliable product, companies must ensure that the components used for the device are suitable for the specific task.

Reliability prediction is a method to estimate the probability failure rates for components and also for the complete system. It should be performed during product development to qualify parts and reduce potential failures.

It's all about MTBF estimations

The MTBF - Meantime between failures- figure refers to the average time a repairable system operates before failing. It is a measure of how reliable a product is. The required MTBF figure can be used as a quantitative target when designing a new product.

The MTTF – mean time to failure- metric refers to the average time a non-reparable part operates before failing. This estimation is most suitable for electronic components.

During the development phase, predicting the failure rate of critical parts is essential to enhance reliability and avoid risk.

The MTBF/MTTF figure has become the primary concern for Reliability in the automotive electronic devices and systems to satisfy customer requirements and facilitate business transactions.

Accelerated Life Testing

Further testing is needed to validate reliability and security.

Among those tests, the ALT (Accelerated Life Testing) or the HALT (High Accelerated Life Testing) allows for subjecting the product to different stress levels.

Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) or High Accelerated Life Testing is a way to increase the reliability of a product. It is the most practical method to identify the response to environmental and mechanical constraints when the product is under testing.

A Reliability Test Plan is needed to define test procedures.

Expertemc can help you to estimate the reliability of your automotive electronic devices.

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