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 Technical Documentation

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Does your product fulfill the CE and UKCA technical documentation?

CE - UKCA Technical documentation

All EU and UK regulations concerning products using the CE and UKCA marks require technical compliance documentation.
The technical documentation provides information on the design, manufacture, and operation. It must contain all the details necessary to demonstrate that the product meets the essential requirements of the applicable directives and regulations.
The documentation must support the EU Declaration of Conformity or the UKCA Declaration of Conformity in separate pages.  

The Blue Guide on the implementation of the product rules 2022 

UKCA marking: conformity assessment


When preparing the technical documentation?

Preparing technical documentation before bringing a product to market;
Ensure that the technical documentation is available to the surveillance authorities once the product is on the market;


Information for technical documentation

  • The name and address of the manufacturer or his authorized representatives;

  • A short description of the product;

  • Product identification (series number);

  • The name and address of the facilities involved in the product's design and manufacture;

  • The name and address of any notified body involved in assessing the conformity of the product

  • A statement of the followed conformity assessment procedure

  • The EU declaration of conformity or UKCA declaration of conformity

  • The instructions for use and label

  • The information on relevant regulations with which the product complies

  • Identification of the used standards for compliance

  • List of parts

  • Test results

The analysis of risks

The responsibility of the product manufacturer is to detect, identify and address all potential risks and determine the needs. 
The analysis ensures that the product complies with the requirements by applying harmonized standards.

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How ExpertEMC can help

  • Provide support for CE and UKCA marking,

  • Ensure compliance with relevant EU/UK requirements,

  • Specify the tests required by the standards,

  • Determine if you can evaluate your product yourself or if you need a certification body,

  • Update your declaration of conformity with the new legislation.​

Other domains of expertise:

For CE and UKCA Technical Documentation support, contact ExpertEMC at

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