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Life-cycle Test Plan

Reliability Test Plan.

The Reliability Test Plan

The Reliability Test Plan is a method for determining whether the product will meet quality standards before it is produced or marketed. Reliability is affected by the environment in which the equipment operates, where temperature accelerates the degradation of the product.

Life-cycle Tests

The life-cycle test predicts the reliability and durability of a product using accelerated stress conditions for each life-cycle phase. 

The test carries on a sufficiently large sample of units operating under normal and extreme environmental conditions.

Times-to-failure (TTF) are recorded and then analyzed with an appropriate statistical distribution to estimate reliability MTBF MTTF metrics or the Lx life estimation. This prediction is called Life Data Analysis or Weibull Analysis.

Accelerated Degradation Tests 

  • High Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)

HALT is a discovery test. Its goal is to do everything necessary to find failures and then remove the faults on the product under test. In HALT, every stimulus of potential value (temperature, all-axis vibration, humidity, UV, radiation, etc.) can be used under accelerated environmental conditions during the development phase of a product to find the weak links in the design and fabrication processes.  


  • High Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS)   

HASS uses accelerated stresses (beyond product specifications and as determined appropriate by earlier HALT testing) to detect product defects in manufacturing production screens. The accelerated stresses of the HASS program shorten the time to failure of defective units and therefore shorten the corrective action time.  


The reliability MTBF MTTF prediction establishes a range of stress-variable environments. 

The table below presents the most suitable environment for commercial electronic products.

The GB environment is the most applicable for a Reliability MTBF MTTF analysis regarding electrical or electronic products.

However, some equipment might fall into the GM environment when installed in a mobile habitat. 

The product's accelerated life-cycle test results are analyzed and merged into the reliability report.

Reliability Test Plan. Expertemc Engineering Consultant

Expertemc develops life-cycle test programs to meet reliability MTBF MTTF objectives.

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