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Reliability consulting

Reliability consulting is a specialized service provided to businesses, typically in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, aerospace, automotive and others where reliability and safety are critical factors. The primary objective of reliability consulting is to ensure that products, systems or processes meet specified reliability standards and perform consistently throughout their expected lifespan.

Here's an overview of what reliability consulting services entail:

Expertemc offers a reliability analysis that may include an estimate of availability and maintenance, Design for Reliability (DfR), Reliability Block Design modeling, environmental impact on MTBF forecasts, the number of samples for reliability tests, an exponential distribution of the reliability, and a test plan for accelerated lifecycle to meet product reliability objectives.

How Expertemc can help you

  • Identify potential weak components;

  • Provide MTBF and MTTF product reliability and availability forecasting;

  • Assessment of the impact of product reliability on maintenance activity;

  • Establish objectives for reliability testing;

  • Implement reliability testing plans and procedures;

  • Provide the system reliability model with the data necessary to predict the frequency of failures at the beginning of the service life and in a steady state;

  • Gather information to determine a product's lifecycle cost, including early failures and comparing designs.

Predicting the reliability of electronic products requires knowledge of the components, design, manufacturing process, and expected operating conditions. There are various approaches to predicting the reliability of electronic components. Among these techniques, three main categories are often used in government and industry: empirical (standards-based), failure physics, and life testing. After a prototype is made available, it is possible to carry out life cycle tests to obtain a more accurate MTBF prediction.

Difference between quality and reliability

In manufacturing, quality is a measure of excellence in being free from defects, deficiencies, and significant variations.
A product may be well designed, but its reliability is not adequate for its use.The reason is not a faulted design but rather poor-quality components or an inefficient manufacturing process.


For an MTBF/MTTF reliability estimate, contact us at or by phone at 1 (438) 898-7005

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