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The Burn-in test

environmental chamber for burn-in test
Burn-in test

Burn-in represent a testing method that notably simulates the lifespan of a device by using voltage and temperature to accelerate the electrical failure of a device. Typically, burn-in testing is performed on devices and equipment within the manufacturing plant.

The objective of the test

The objective is to discover possible failures of the device under test by operating it under extreme and prolonged working conditions.

The test can be used to assess reliability or to monitor production to avoid possibly early life failure rates in a batch. The information obtained may vary depending on the duration of the test depending on either the lifespan of the device or its wear.

The life cycle distribution of a population can be modeled as a bathtub curve. The model shows that the highest failure rate occurs early in the device life cycle as well as during the wear out period of the life cycle.

By applying an electrical voltage to the samples in a high temperature environment, an acceleration of the failure mechanisms is observed due to the presence of current and electric fields which are also accelerated by the test.

If a component is defective, it will be detected during the burn-in test.

Two tests to accelerate the lifespan

Early detection of failures (Early Life Failure -ELF)

The objective of early failure testing (ELF) is to detect potential failures early in life. Electrical failures after the burn-in test are known as early failures or infant mortality, meaning that these units will fail prematurely when used in their specific operation.

High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL)

The lifespan test of a device in high temperature operation (HTOL) examines the robustness of samples during their wear phase. The test is performed over a period of 1,000 hours, with intermediate reading points at 168 hours and 500 hours. The test is generally done at 125ºC.

Test plan for burn-in

The burn-in test plan facilitates the testing procedure and allows you to follow a precise order of steps. It is important to define the test cycles as well as the methodology appropriate to the device under test.

Expertemc can help you create the test plan for your product.


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