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LED Driver Life Expectancy

LED Driver Life Expectancy

Reliability of LED driver supply
LED driver supply

LEDs are reliable light sources, although their performance decreases gradually over time. In lighting applications, wherever the level needs to be maintained, the lifespan of LEDs and drivers remains a decisive point.

Environmental stress, vibrations, thermal shocks, and power supply all impact life expectancy.

The L70 factor

The lifespan of an LED is the time it takes for the light to reach 70% of the original light level. It is called the L70 factor. That is, the LED does not come out immediately, but it gradually disappears.

People usually do not observe a gradual reduction in LED light until it drops 30% of its initial brightness. Thus, the lifespan of LEDs in L70 format is equivalent to a 30% reduction in luminous flux.

With new technologies, LEDs are available for lighting applications that can increase the L70 figure from 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

However, it is necessary to ensure the high reliability of the driver module so that it can provide the required power during its functional life. ​

MTBF Prediction

Critical electronic components are essential for the proper functioning of the product. Validate the quality and failure rates of the parts is a significant factor in determining which pieces to use.

The MTBF prediction can be used as a measured target while designing a new product to be aware of failure rates of critical parts and improve security and reliability figures. The Part Count Analysis, fast and inexpensive, is the most advantageous method at this state.

Testing for Life expectancy

Like any quality electronic device, the LED driver module must undergo environmental testing to ensure reliability and safety.

ALT and HALT are reliability tests that allow the product to environmental stress levels during development. The life-cycle test is another method used to determine the expectancy of the device. In either case, a test plan is necessary.

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