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The difference between Quality and Reliability

Quality and Reliability
Quality and Reliability


In manufacturing, quality is the measure of excellence of being free from defects, deficiencies, and significant variations.

A product with good performance may be unreliable. Perhaps the reason is the result of defects during the manufacturing process.

The failure did not occur due to incorrect design but rather due to the unacceptable quality of components or the assembly method.

We can define quality as an attribute of a measure to verify the expected performance during operation. Quality can be measured and controlled.


On the other hand, reliability is the probability that a device will perform its required function under stated conditions for a specific time.

Reliability is predicted based on the quality of parts and various criteria to ensure adequate safety.

We can ensure reliability in establishing quality or assuring the quality by estimating reliability. It is crucial to establish reliability and quality early in the project.

The difference between Quality and Reliability

As per the American Society of Quality the difference between Quality and Reliability is that quality shows how well an object performs its proper function, while reliability shows how well this object maintains its original level of quality over time, through various conditions.

What makes a product reliable?

Good engineering design practices,

Essential components and parts with maximum reliability,

Estimate MTBF during the development step,

Build quality verification standards and procedures.

Provide a test plan for safety, EMC, and reliability procedures.

Complete product certification before marketing.

Why do reliability predictions?

Products began to get more complex

Many unexpected failures occur during the first year of operation,

Evaluate the product according to various environmental conditions and quality parts,

  • Determine the reliability analysis to predict failures

  • The reputation of the company and product

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Warranty-related costs

  • Product profitability

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