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Impact of temperature on reliability

Temperature impact on reliability
Temperature impact on reliability

The temperature plays a critical role in the reliability of electronic devices, especially in terms of their performance and lifespan. 

Electronic components, such as semiconductors, inductors, circuit boards, electrolytic capacitors, and solder joints, can experience mechanical stress due to temperature changes, leading to potential cracks or failures over time.

Electronics operate best within a specific temperature range. Operating outside this range can lower reliability, performance, and quality. High temperatures cause components to age quickly, shortening their lifespan and increasing the probability of failure.

Repeated exposure to alternating high and low-temperature cycles can cause wear and tear in materials over time, resulting from the thermal expansion and contraction effects. This outcome is known as thermal cycling and can lead to reliability issues such as fatigue and delamination of circuit board layers. A common effect of temperature on semiconductors is the increase in their thermal resistance. 

This increase can hurt the overall performance and reliability of the circuit.

Thermal management is crucial for ensuring the reliability of electronic devices. Insufficient cooling causes overheating, leading to a decline in the device's performance and accelerating component degradation. On the other hand, excessive cooling results in thermal stresses due to temperature gradients within the device.

In summary, the temperature has a crucial role in determining the reliability of electronic devices. It affects the mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of components. Therefore, it is essential to properly manage the temperature and follow the manufacturer's recommended temperature ranges to optimize the performance and lifespan of electronic devices.

Life-cycle testing is an approach to a device's reliability and performance.

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